What People Do on the Internet

If you didn’t know, people spend a TON of time on the internet, social networking sites, watching videos, uploading photos and more. There are so many methods of interacting with people, internet marketers are just scratching the surface. But with so much activity online, can you afford to overlook your potential for reaching your customers?

internet use

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What did you find the most interesting fact?

What is the next step is in reaching your audience?

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  1. Video Production San Diego March 14, 2012 4:10 pm #

    This is really interesting information. I particularly like the reference to more people buying iPhones than babies being born. Also interesting is the amount of video people are watching online. There’s so much video out there, and it’s only going to grow. I’ve actually heard there’s going to be a large jump in video production for online marketing purposes in the coming years.

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