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5 Steps to Content Writing for Small Businesses

Having great content does many things — it maintains your credibility, provides updates to clients and potential clients, positions you as an expert in your field, builds trust with potential buyers, generates website traffic, and (hopefully) drives qualified leads for your business. Whether you’re just getting started or have an established blog, there are things you should know to make sure you are getting the most of your content production efforts.

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On the Recent Changes to Facebook.

Recently Facebook has made a few additions to its network that can change the way that companies, brands, or even bloggers interact with their fan base and utilize the site. Here is a breakdown of all of the changes.

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6-Steps to Setting up Your New Facebook Page

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Why Blogging is Important Online & in the Real World

We all hear “content is king,” but what does that mean? How can producing a blog be helpful in the online world, and more importantly in the real world? Having content on your website does many things, and whether you start by writing one blog article, or by expanding your website content once a week, once a month, or you’re really looking at content for the first time, we hope you’ll jump on the band wagon.

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5 Social Media Myths that Should be Debunked

There are a lot of people, companies, and websites (including us here at SCM) giving out A LOT of information on how to market successfully on the internet. Of course some of it is bad, but most of it is good (like ours). However, that does not stop the spread of some myths from becoming […]

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Which Top Retailers Use Social Media

We love infographics here at SoCal Marketing Services. This one is especially great showing which top retailers use Social Media and giving some pretty sweet stats to go along with it. Thanks to Mashable.com and Campalyst.com for provide the info. Click the image to zoom in.  

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What is Klout?

  Originally launched in late 2009, Klout.com, is a company that provides feedback on individual users and company brand’s social media network influence. It uses a sophisticated algorithm that takes in account one’s use of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ among others, and provides a Klout Score out of 100. A individual’s or […]

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Facebook Timeline For Businesses

A couple of months ago, Facebook made its newest platform, Facebook Timeline, available to fan and business pages. It represented a fundamental shift in the design of the pages, what information was capable for businesses to share, and how user interact with brands. No longer will Facebook pages contain tabs, rather businesses have to develop […]

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website development

Website Redesign & Ongoing Marketing

Southern California Marketing Services has been in the San Diego market for many years, and we’ve recently revamped our online marketing strategy to include many facets of marketing that we have been providing to our clients for some time. Isn’t it ironic that a marketing company that specializes in website development didn’t have its own website […]

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