Web Development

website developmentSouthern California Marketing offers custom website engineering and programming tailored to meet each business’ specific needs. We guarantee that you will not only receive an impactful web presence, but we also guarantee that each site is built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

The process of developing a website involves over 50 different activities and sub-activities to ensure your website has the most solid foundation possible. A website with a strong foundation maximizes its effectiveness to users as it fulfills the SEO requirements.


Hosting and Installation

Custom installation of the website platform on Southern California Marketing’s high-capacity, high-availability server ensures your site has the latest features and benefits on the most protected and up-to-date equipment available.

Site Structure

The proper site structure will improve a site’s visibility to the search engines. We integrate your site’s internal linking structure so all of your pages are indexed and the link architecture is leveraged to help improve search engine visibility.

Source Code

As an industry best practice, Southern California Marketing will add additional tags and keywords to each site which allows millions of people with disabilities (like the visually impaired) to gain better access to the website. Meta tags, title tags and header tags will be implemented to maximize the website’s presence to the search engines as well.

Implementation of the most impactful search engine sitemap structure is also included in every website build. The website directory needs to be optimized so it can attract search engine robots and ensure they will read all pages of your site.


Building a website must include addressing all security issues. The basic structure must be sound to facilitate the proper levels of security on an ongoing basis. This includes, but is certainly not limited to: safeguarding data against external access, protecting private directories, setting appropriate permission settings and much more.

Technical Considerations

There are many technical considerations that require attention and all are absolutely critical to the functionality of a website. The ability to load quickly, make sure all lines are valid and active and scripts free of errors are just a few examples of the technical areas that we focus on.

Marketing Considerations

Making the correct marketing decisions is key if your site is to accomplish its internet marketing objectives. Each client website is developed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

As a Southern California Marketing client, we ensure that every step is taken to maximize results and return on your investment.

Ongoing Modifications and Consulting

Southern California Marketing continually modifies the database, Content Management Systems (CMS) applications, server configuration files, extensions and custom modules as needed. Periodic security reviews and system level “patching” are also completed as updates become available.

In addition, free site consultation, security monitoring and backup services are available to each of our clients.

As a Southern California Marketing customer you can have peace of mind knowing that your site is being kept up-to-date and is always protected.