ecommerce servicesOffering the very latest in e-commerce solutions, Southern California Marketing provides technical implementation and ongoing support for clients who need an effective online e-commerce methodology. We work closely with each client to ensure every process is in place to create flawless transactions between a business and their customers.

This begins with a thorough understanding of the business rules of each client. For example, do they offer discounts, referral programs or coupons? What is their return policy? How does the shipping process work? There are many important questions which must be answered to correctly assess the e-commerce needs of a particular client.

Southern California Marketing helps manage your:

Website Programming

Your site is only one of many tools used in creating a web presence for your business, but it is the ‘anchor tenant’ of your marketing plan. This is the gateway where shoppers come, choose from the products catalogue, place orders and make payments for the product they want to buy. Learn more about Website Design.

Shopping Cart Software

This is an important component that allows shoppers to select products, place an order, make their online payment and complete the transaction. Shopping cart options are available based on the needs of each business and can be tailored for businesses large and small. Contact us to learn more today.

Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway is the connector between the buyers and the credit card service company you choose. A third party provides this service and Southern California Marketing has extensive experience to make the interface as effective as possible, helping eliminate transactional problems in the future.

Merchant Bank

Merchant banks are financial institutions. Whenever a person clicks on the checkout page and puts in the credit card payment details, the merchant bank processes and verifies the credit card details and gives instant notification to the customer as well as to the merchant.

SSL and PCI Complinace

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provides the security element in payment transactions. With the help of a private key for data encryption, SSL transmits confidential user data, like credit card information, over the Internet. This is a requirement for all e-commerce sites that we help you manage as well.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Program is also a mandated security initiative which was created to offer merchants and service providers a complete, unified approach to safeguarding credit cardholder information for all card brands. The collaboration between Visa and MasterCard on PCI have created common industry security requirements to which all merchants and service providers who handle credit card data MUST comply with. Southern California Marketing will guarantee you fulfill all the necessary requirements.