Web Design

website designA well-designed website is critical to enhancing your image and profit. Southern California Marketing takes the time to understand the individual needs of our clients to ensure each website is tailored to communicate their product or service in the most effective manner possible.  After a thorough assessment is performed, the process of designing the look and feel of the site in combination with programming the website begins.


An aesthetically-appealing and strategically-sound design is recommended based on each client’s specific needs. The design will complement the branding and strategic objectives of the client to ensure the colors, photo art, video, fonts and overall design of the site communicates in concert with the business objectives.


Navigation is critically important to the functionality of your site.  Easy-to-use navigation allows potential customers to find the information they need.  A functionally effective site is extremely important. You do not want to lose a sale because your site is hard to navigate. Southern California Marketing has many years of experience successfully designing sites that make navigation a positive experience for the visitor, thus generating the most desired results.


“Content is King.” The right website content positions your product or service so you can reach customers and the manner in which it is presented is critically important. Southern California Marketing works diligently to help refine the content for your site and maximize its effectiveness through techniques proven over many years of experience.